Gormley's at the Gibson



Chef Brett & Fayah Gormley

As a native to Franklin County, my family moved to St. George Island in 1983. My mother works at the local veterinary clinic where she has spent over 25 years caring for the animals of Franklin County. At the age of 17 I landed my first assistant chef position after only two years in the kitchen of the Oyster Cove restaurant on St. George Island and kitchen manager of Finni’s Grill & Bar. My passion was only beginning. I moved to nearby Tallahassee to pursue my dream in fine dining and worked at many restaurants to strengthen my experience and knowledge of the culinary world. All the time having the Forgotten Coast on my mind and a hunger to bring my knowledge and love back to my home town.

After my arrival back to Apalachicola, I took a chef position in the Gibson Inn where I meet my soon to be bride and best friend, Fayah. Fayah brings as much experience in the front of the house as I do in the back. It was a match made in heaven!

Soon after the birth of our son, Logan, an opportunity arose for us to open our own restaurant in the historic Gibson Inn. Without hesitating owner of the Gibson Inn, Mike Koun opened his dining room and professional staff to us and in October 2014 we opened Gormley’s at the Gibson with great pride.